Australia photography awards show how beautiful space is

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Australia photography awards show how beautiful space is

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An Australian photography competition shows us how wonderful our skies are!


The David Malin Astrophotography award started 12 years ago with just a few entries. Now it’s one of the biggest photography competitions in Australia. The competition is open to all amateur to professional with it’s aim to bring everyone in the photography community together and bring wider attention to astronomy. 


Judge David Malin while speaking to the BBC said “Getting the colours right is very important and you have to have some knowledge of the nature of the stars to get the colours right,”


The winners were announced over the weekend and some of the photographs can be seen in  Parkes Observatory in New South Wales. This years winner was Troy Casswell with his wideangle  image depicting the full constellation Orion. (Shown Below)



The other images can be seen below

























Always try and look out for local photography contests in your area to get involved in. It’s fantastic practice and helps you meet other photographers!

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